COVID19 Advice

Following recent guidelines by NHS England, we are now able to see patients face-to-face, and have worked hard to implement the measures necessary to keep everyone safe. This has included the installation of the Dissipator, which was devised and built, at Ashby and Atkinson Northallerton and Shildon sites. Please refer to our face book page, to see how the new measures keep you safe. Over the coming weeks we will begin the process of contacting patients in order to prioritise those with the most immediate need and then progress to a return to important examination appointments. Due to social distancing we will be unable to provide the full number of appointments at the start and so we appreciate your patience as we implement the measures we have applied.

We will post more information soon about the changes and what to expect when you next come to see us. Thank you, the Ashby and Atkinson Team.

Northallerton Dental Practice

124 High Street
t: 01609 776677

Shildon Dental Practice

23/27 Main Street
County Durham
t: 01388 775104

Finding and choosing a new dental practice can be a difficult and worrying exercise. People often hesitate before arranging the first appointment because of these concerns.

At Ashby and Atkinson we have learnt over the  years that a friendly voice and a warm welcome from a caring team helps with this first step. If you choose our practice we will try hard to get to know you and find out what you want and what concerns you have. We will use our expertise to inform and guide you through the many choices now available from modern dental care .

We promise that we will help and encourage you to achieve your optimal oral health. We have built our reputation on trust, teamwork and innovation. Our practices are located in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and Shildon in County Durham.

Please explore our site to see the services we have on offer.  You are welcome to call us, we would like to help.