Our fees are calculated to cover costs of providing a high standard of preventative dental care . Our aim is to help patients achieve high standards of oral health, and therefore reduce the need for treatment throughout life.

Fee Table:

New patient consultation inc. radiographs £71.00

Regular exam £34.00

Radiographs from £7.75 depending on number and type

Routine scale and polish £47.00


One silver (Amalgam) depending on size £38.33 – £115.00

One white (Composite) depending on size £57.50 – £115.00

Root Treatment (endodontics):

Small tooth £243.00

Large tooth £280.00

Crowns (Bonded porcelain to gold) £432.00

Dentures from £700.00

Emergency out of hours:

A call out charge of £165.00 for emergency care outside normal working hours.

Denplan Dental Care

This is a monthly budget scheme, which covers all routine and preventative care. All patients have to pay for is laboratory charges, e.g. crowns, veneers or dentures (e.g. £184.00 for a crown). The table below shows the five Denplan price bands charged monthly.

Denplan Care

Current fee A B C D E
2019 £16.86 £23.01 £26.99 £37.73 £47.61

Denplan Essentials

Current fee A B C D
2019 7.84 £14.48 £21.10 £11.42