Background… We are passionate about restoring peoples’ oral health. Our hygienists and oral health educators will work with you to tailor a regime of personal oral care that meets your needs. They will monitor and assist you achieve your optimum oral health in order to help you keep your teeth for life. They will work with your dentist to achieve and maintain your good oral health using treatments based on the most up to date research.

Full assessment – £92
If you have experienced gum disease, your dentist may ask our hygienists to take careful measurements around your teeth so that a treatment plan can be produced that matches your needs. This takes about thirty to forty minutes.

Root surface debridement – £92
This is the term used by your dental team when specific cleaning is required below the gum line of your teeth. It is often carried out after your mouth is numbed. The treatment allows your gums to recover after previous infection from the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Comfort… Some of us have particularly sensitive teeth and gums. We now offer a new numbing gel called oraqix which is applied around your gum margins just before your teeth are cleaned. Please ask at reception about suitability and cost.

Airpolishing… This procedure is excellent at removing stains caused by tea, coffee etc. It works by directing a stream of pressured water and bicarbonate powder. Please ask your dentist or hygienist for further details.

Maintenance hygiene visit – £65 (half hour sessions)
At this appointment deposits that have built up around your teeth are removed by ultrasonic and hand scalers. Residual surface stain is removed with a prophylactic paste. Oral hygiene techniques for daily use are demonstrated. Your vulnerability to gum disease is monitored using various indices. We check that you are managing to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. If it is some time since your saw a hygienist, we may advise two visits initially over a couple of weeks. We have found that this gives the best results long term. Maintenance visits are normally scheduled at three or six month intervals.