Our fees are calculated to cover costs of providing a high standard of preventative dental care . Our aim is to help patients achieve high standards of oral health, and therefore reduce the need for treatment throughout life. Children are generally seen under the NHS and adults privately as detailed below. Some full dentures can also be provided under the NHS.

Fee Table:

New patient £79

Routine exam £40

Radiographs £11

Standard visit to the hygienist £69

Extractions from £84


Restorations from £84

Root Treatment (endodontics):

From £250


From £483.00

Dentures from £740.00

Emergency out of hours:

A call out charge of £165.00 for emergency care outside normal working hours.

Denplan Dental Care

This is a monthly budget scheme, which covers all routine and preventative care. All patients have to pay for is laboratory charges, e.g. crowns, veneers or dentures (e.g. £189.00 for a crown). The table below shows the five Denplan price bands charged monthly.

Denplan Care A B C D E
Monthly Cost £17.88 £24.41 £28.62 £40.03 £50.50
Denplan Essentials A B C D
Monthly Cost £8.31 £15.36 £22.38 £12.11